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Walmart has always been a master at logistics and, in the aftermath of Katrina, was able to marshall its might and get supplies to the masses long before the government agencies could. In the process, the Big W stumbled upon a mighty truth. Doing good is good for business.


First, they tackled ‘zero packaging waste.’ As a supplier to one of Walmart’s Canadian vendors, my production facility was thrown into complete disarray, trying to remove all the excess packaging to meet their ‘outlandish’ targets. Any company interested in keeping that Walmart account met those targets — on time and budget. And yes, my team delivered massively and saved the day. More importantly, many other companies quickly followed suit, and we consumers are now quite picky about the amount of superfluous packaging we buy with our goods.

Then in the fall of 2019

Thomas Cook, the travel company, formed in 1841, collapsed. It did not declare bankruptcy — it COLLAPSED. Overnight, 178 years went poof because too many someones through the years did not keep checking for the changes swirling in the air and make the necessary adjustments. Sadly, Thomas Cook won’t be the only one. There would be more collapses. Very soon.

Where Does Your Culture Sit?

Less than 1/3 of your employees are engaged if your company is like too many! This means they have no idea, much less care about what you and your enterprise are all about. And they won’t be happy to go that extra mile for you any time soon. Pop quiz. Do you believe more than 50% of your non-DNA family employees would drop their plans for just one Saturday or Sunday FOR FREE and join you at your community-building event/idea? If you answered no, keep reading.

There are Easy Ways Forward

For decades, I have been beating a tom-tom about putting people first, profits second. I am not the only one. For the last ten years, I have been helping pragmatic executives adjust their thinking and their outlook based on practical and empirical evidence. I am not the only one. You know the Bullet Proof Trifecta: Make love to your customers. Have incredibly simple processes. Be an upstanding community citizen. Again, I am not the only one.

The Rip Saw

Supposedly, going against the grain is really difficult.
It turns out, though, that it’s far more dangerous to cut with a rip saw, a blade that goes along the grain. It often leads to a botched project. When you’re cutting across the grain, you know exactly what to expect and won’t get surprised by a patch of resistance you didn’t expect.

That First Baby Step

Let’s get back to you and your business. One question I hear frequently is how do I start? Followed by “Where do I start? What do I start with first? Because I sure don’t want to destroy what’s working!”



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