Unleashing the Power of the We Mind

Charlene Norman
2 min readDec 18, 2023

For nearly two years, I have been hosting a podcast. Something I completely forgot to share with you. I published the book last month, and the community is coalescing this month.

The entire concept is premised around a global village of businesspeople. Giving our planet a hand up. The village is made up of people from all lanes of business who care about the state of the globe and want to leave something better for their kids and grandkids. Simultaneously, they understand the need to keep an eye on the bottom line, understand that things must change, and are open to experimenting with making changes for the good of the planet.

Much to my surprise, the concept has caught on. The podcast is pulling in more and more listeners, the book is garnering attention, and people are signing up.

This week, my guest is Jessica Lutz, author and former journalist, and we discuss the concept of collaboration in business and the importance of solid relationships, critique diversity initiatives and explore Lutz’s theory of the “we mind” versus “me mind.” Specifically, we cover

-Collaboration: The Heartbeat of Great Relationships

-Exploring the “We Mind” and “Me Mind”

-The Gender Equality Movement and the Challenges it Faces

-The Value of Caregiving Tasks and the Shift in Mindset

-The Unexpected Events that Change Our Perspective

-The Value of Work: More Than Just Money

-The Importance of Empathy and Understanding in Collaboration

In the end, collaboration is about more than just working together. It’s about understanding, valuing, and respecting each other’s contributions. And that’s a perspective we can all benefit from.

The 5Cs podcast is on all major platforms, including Spotify, Apple, Google and Amazon. Or you can go directly here to listen to it.

You can find Jessica here and socially on LinkedIn, Facebook and Instagram

Grab a copy of her book here

Look for Me-Mind versus We-Mind on Amazon

and of course, you can find me here and more about the 5Cs movement here.

If taking small steps together to save our Planet resonates with you, consider joining the 5Cs movement.



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