The God Complex

We all know at least one colleague who believes they are God, right?

The problem with playing GOD

Because God never looks at the simple stuff.

  1. It is far easier to be a human than a God. Approach everything with innocence instead of knowing.
  2. If you can not explain yourself in words that a ten-year-old can understand, you are trying to be too sophisticated and complex. So instead, figure out how to be simple — in writing and speaking.
  3. The fundamentals of all business lie in the product or service being sold. Fixes to businesses do not need to ALWAYS start with the non-revenue generating items. Far too often, a tweak here and a slight curve there on the top line will create more profit and keep more people employed.
  4. An excellent way to stay focused is to put everything in terms of units sold. For example, salary by person, rent, new initiatives, and the like can easily be understood as a mathematical formula where the denominator is units sold.
  5. You win more friends and influence more enemies by staying humble. As much as we would prefer to be Godlike in our expertise, everyone sees through us. Almost immediately.
  • A terrific way to stay humble is to have a dog. Because perfect perspectives percolate picking up poo.



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