Ten Thoughts to Remember

Ten thoughts to remember

  1. This is temporary. Bad shit happens. Sometimes for no apparent reason. But it is temporary. And when you get through it, you are changed in a good way forever.
  2. There are no rules now. What was yesterday is not here today. So be fearless and write your own rules. TODAY.
  3. Find opportunity. Yes, it is there. No matter how much chaos is swirling around you. There are opportunities for everyone—even you.
  4. Get out of your head. Get into action. Too many of us stay chained to the negative thoughts that lurk inside our minds. The best antidote is to forget about ourselves and get into action. Start by helping others.
  5. Live by deciding. Decide that now is YOUR absolute perfect time to ……. (fill in the blank). Then take one small step to get started and keep taking small steps every single day.
  6. Refuse to give in. Giving in or rolling over is what far too many do. The best of us meet everything head-on. It is the only way to survive bruised but still standing.
  7. You might be down, but I promise you, you are not out. Yes, it is exceedingly tough to boldly go when you feel cornered in survival mode. However, FEELING powerless is not the same as BEING powerless.
  8. Find the power in you by remembering who you are. You are not the sum of all your successes and accomplishments. Nor are you the title you call yourself or the size of your empire. You are so much more. So unleash your beautiful side and let the real you, the part that you keep hidden, shine. Brightly.
  9. Be the silver lining for others. You are a human being brimming with love and wisdom. Share that. Not only will it inspire others, but it will also come back to you in ways you cannot imagine.
  10. Remember all the bloody battles. Never forget the horribly trying, brutally tricky and excruciating struggles you have travelled. All of them were just lessons — designed to fashion you into a more brilliant example for others to follow.

We are all in this together.



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