So you can’t find or even keep an employee?

There is a vast shortage of skilled managers.

Here are the benefits that accrue from paying market rates or higher.

  1. You effectively stop the employee from looking for a better job. Not counting the distractions from duty that every employee has while preparing to leap, you can avoid the 30% to 75% of their salary you will pay in recruiting and onboarding another person.
  2. All good suggestions for improvement come from those who have held a position for at least 18 months. The odds of getting regular and excellent suggestions for improvement exponentially expand when dealing with medium to long-term employees. Good suggestions for improvement is how the profitable companies STAY profitable.
  3. When employees understand they are respected and appreciated, they go out of their way to ensure recruits also understand that respect and appreciation. Suddenly motivating employees is a team effort with much less stress on the manager.
  4. By rewarding employees according to their efforts and results, all employees are motivated to work smarter and harder. This means all that extra effort pays huge dividends across the entire company.
  5. Whether your company is in start-up, slowly moving up, plateaued or scaling robustly, the labour component should never be dismissed until ‘the days we might have enough.’ You owe it to yourself to keep the best with you for as long as possible.



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Charlene Norman

Charlene Norman

BulletProof Your Business Now (dot com) Fascinated with most things business. Some experience in delivering massive results. Love dogs, gardens and wine.