Small Business Needs Us

Charlene Norman
3 min readMay 1, 2023


One of the hardest things a small business owner has to contend with is toiling in relative obscurity until they establish a solid reputation. This often takes at least twenty years — regardless of the amount of revenue pouring or dripping in.

Think about it. Their friends and family in government all have jobs with generous and guaranteed pensions. THAT becomes a topic of conversation.

Their friends and family members with jobs in business rarely have to worry about doing something hugely different to guarantee that money comes in the door. The topics of advancement or not, promotions and demotions are huge conversation boosters.

The concept of Pivot is very real to a small business owner. Yet we rarely give it much attention, let alone allow them time for airing and sharing.

Too often, there is little acknowledgement and praise for any small business owner.

Yes, tons of books lecture them on what they need, where not to venture, and, of course, hire this kind of resource to make your life easier. However, the sad fact is that real congratulations, real praise and genuine referrals are few and far between.

Far too often, the small business owner is ignored, taken for granted and used and abused.

This is one of the reasons I like to think that community is one of the best things to happen to any small business owner. Being in a group of similar thinkers and similar doers almost always brings out the best in everyone.

The second-best thing to happen to any small business owner is to be recognized. Not for making gobs of money or being a generous community donor. But for lifting up and inspiring others in their community, for making a difference in their own world and for actually SURVIVING and making it to the next level of their success.

I’ll wager half of your circle comprises small business owners. When was the last time you congratulated them? Sent genuine referrals to them? Publicly broadcasted their efforts, rather than your own?

I lost it earlier this month when the soap opera known as The Trump Tales was renewed for at least one more season. And then I remembered I had options. Pay attention to the crazed media stories. OR. Decompress and look around my neighbourhood for good news.

I found some amazing, awesome and authentic HUMAN good news in the form of a small business in my own neck of the woods. And decided to finish the month of April with their story.

They are not a client of mine. I have nothing in my offering they would be interested in. Their story is humble and oh-so Canadian. Intrigued? Listen in to this week’s podcast.

So, on the days when the media drives you bonkers, on the days you think your life is a mess, look around your neighbourhood or community. Find that small business owner who needs a shot of sunshine.

ALL small business owners need our encouragement.

Ask them how it’s going. Offer your congratulations, your awe, your high fives. And then take it one step further. Ask them what you can do for them. OR do something totally unexpected for them.

I guarantee your actions will have a tremendous impact on them AND you.



Charlene Norman

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