Routers: Random Tech Stuff Part 2

Rooting out the Router

I am married to a retired tech guy. And he has made all my ‘be safe and secure’ decisions for three-plus decades. I wish I knew the exact number of times (and money spent) on new gadgets and gizmos, all in the name of enhanced security. Thousands are my best guess.

About those Routers

Now, all routers have a firewall feature. A firewall is a security barrier between the Internet and your home network. When a firewall is enabled, all communication data between the Internet and your home network is scanned to protect your side of the router. Notice I said HOME network.

Why should you care?

I share this story because many of us have no idea about what we have no idea about. And today, ignorance is not an acceptable excuse in the online digital world we play in. And ignorance is what the cybercriminals prey on and rely upon. So protect yourself and your business.



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