Random Acts of Business Kindness

Charlene Norman
7 min readJan 28, 2022

There comes the point for most of us when we define our purpose in life. That which brings us the most joy. This exercise is neither a religious nor a woo-woo activity. It is a part of the maturity journey we are on. Some of us will get it, and some of us won’t.

Winners have always known that the more we help others, the more success and joy we attract or bring onto ourselves. So another conclusion many come to is always to be a Generous Giver first. Either way, the point is when we pay more attention to others and way less attention to ourselves, our own lives have more joy, more resilience, more strength, more success, more richness, more meaning and ultimately more love.

Now, I will be the first to admit that sometimes we don’t always get what we want when we want it. However, we generally get what we need when we need it. Furthermore, it can often take many of us years to realize we have everything and more right in the palm of our hands. Today.

Give First, Give Generously?

The very best kind of successful leader in any field is humble. That humbleness is refreshing — particularly in today’s always-on, socially driven, techno world. Part of that humbleness and what makes the very best so fascinating is they honestly take genuine, great joy helping others be successful, helping others reach their lofty goals, and putting the needs of others, BEFORE themselves. From every angle, no matter how you look at it, it honestly looks and feels like it is all for you, doesn’t it? So often, we initially look at those leaders with distrust and suspicion. Because we don’t want to believe they are genuine.

I know because I am one of those who is always viewed initially with great suspicion.

I spent my entire career helping others get what they wanted. You see, I was put on the fast track when I was 25, and some would say I reached the pinnacle in about ten years. Then I spent the next 20 years ‘perfecting’. Some would tell you I was competitive. Not true. I saw how I could help others get exactly what they wanted and, in the process of serving them, got way more than I ever dreamed possible for me.

You see, many giant thinkers and business people walked long before I came along. And I was fortunate to be carried on or even allowed to stand on their shoulders. I like to think I learned well. From them. As a result of their influence, I believe I have positively impacted people and have also made a positive impact in the world. For one reason only. Because I put the focus on others. First.

Three years ago, I came up with an idea to help many more simultaneously. So today, I am inviting you to join my Random Acts of Business Kindness Project for 2022.

What’s in it for You?

If you do it right, you will be granted the unofficial title of ‘Credible Expert’. That is a nice little ego boost, isn’t it? Even better, by the time the year is up, you will have a few extra dollars in your pocket. Now really, who doesn’t like that?

If you are in business for yourself, you will also have gained a few extra clients by the end of the year. Then made a massive impact yourself in your corner of the world as a thought leader. Plus helped a few companies both inside and outside your orbit spin faster and better. And had a few extra dollars stick to your bottom line.

If you are a senior employee, you will get yourself noticed and in line for that promotion you want. Maybe you will even get it this year. First, however, you WILL get noticed, and you will get your company name in glowing lights. And THAT is always a good thing.

What exactly is it?

Quite simply, you give away a substantial piece of knowledge you would typically charge for FREE. To anyone and everyone, you know who can benefit from it. Substantial means something much more than the usual 500 or 1,000 words of written content. Think at least 3,000 words of super solid no advertising content. Substantial means at least 15 minutes or more of a podcast or video of beneficial content. Commercial and pitch-free. SOLID STUFF. Yes, I am very serious.


When you go to a tradeshow or industry event, the busiest booth is generally the one giving out the free samples. And if you notice, not only do they have the highest traffic congestion, they also have the highest orders. Why is that? Because this is where the ‘know, like and trust’ factor gets proven. Almost immediately. From a sample.

The same logic applies to our ability to showcase our in-depth knowledge. Unfortunately, too many folks today like to guard their so-called intelligent brain matter and term it all ‘trade secrets.’ Right! Instead, they showcase content for public consumption that can politely be described as nothing more than spam in a can. Long or short, it is designed for one purpose: to make you buy. It is not intended to educate or inform, and more than likely, it is merely regurgitated garbage. Worse, most of it has neither a personality nor a point of view. As a result, there is precious little to help you make the right decisions first!

There is a lot of jargon speak, and rant speak — both of which, for most of us is, well, just awful noise. Worse, there is very little in the way of simple, straightforward and real human-to-human connection with honest-to-goodness solid information that makes people’s business lives a bit easier. As in, you need to know this and think about this now and don’t even think about buying. So very little of the — hey, I found this and just wanted you to know, and let’s build a relationship first and not even discuss a sale.

My point is when you do the ’this is to HELP you NOT to TRY to sell you’ act, what happens is you automatically stand apart from everyone else in the crowded marketplace. Why? Because Business IS Personal. And the best way to start any relationship is to give first with no expectation of a return. We always hear the phrase Givers Give. What we don’t often hear and what I can assure you is …. Generous Givers always Get!

Now Imagine

Imagine showing up differently to the people you know and setting the standards of once a month being in their face with a commercial-free, jam-packed solid information package from YOU. Then, imagine how they will feel about YOU at the end of the year. Now, imagine how high your ‘know, like and trust’ quotient will be! You have demonstrated that relationships are key, Business IS Personal and that the real business secret is about giving first.

Imagine the impact you will make on the world by freely sharing the in-depth knowledge you have. Now imagine the impact you can have as part of a larger movement. WOW!

The Proof

Here is what has happened in beautiful Niagara, Ontario, Canada. It was not even a full two months into the 2019 Random Acts of Business Kindness Project. January was eight pages devoted to writing solid content for business people — the non-professional writers who know their stuff, do the stuff and are afraid of writing their stuff. February was a half-hour podcast about the Customer Experience and how the whole Omni Channel future that is finally here impacts business. It brought a bunch of concepts together with no techno-babble and no digital-lingo and with lots of practical and resource considerations.

I had zero expectations that anything would start to move on this until maybe July or August. Yet, in less than two months, there were three exploratory phone calls with new prospects, and I was working on closing one new client. WOW! My business finished very, very strong in 2019.

Yes, I admit that many folks think I am crazy about giving away damn good ideas. And yes, I have been chastised about sharing secrets from how I earn my bacon. Please remember. I stood on the shoulders of giants much smarter than I. They taught me very well. The lessons I remember the clearest were all about the long game. Business IS personal. Ideas are a dime a dozen; the real money is in execution. Most people do NOTHING with a good idea because most people have an aversion to executing. I am not like most people.

So …..

This year, I invite you to join me on the Random Acts of Business Kindness Project 2022. Make your mark. Elevate your credibility and impact. If the idea appeals, but you don’t want to develop a whole bunch of your own Random Acts, reach out to me. I’ll give you the link to my first year. So you can grab the link and the files, review them and then pass them along to everyone you know who could benefit.

The whole point is together, we keep the movement going and help as many people as we can. You win because you are helping others. It will come back to you because you get respect from others. Which, in turn, may help you get more business, more accolades, more promotions, more respect and ultimately more profit.



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