Maximize the Impact of Your Dash

We are hurtling to the same endpoint

Our friends and family rarely talk about what was important to US

Other people’s feelings, thoughts and emotions about US

Here are a few very simple ideas to get you started

  1. Remember the old MBWA? Management by Walking Around? Remember how cool it was to have your favourite boss drop in? Try it yourself. Nab your peeps in the hallway. Or the kitchen. Or by the water cooler. Invite them for a coffee (virtual or real). Just get in front of them. For something as simple as “how’s it going?” You will be amazed at what you learn.
  2. The phrase ‘thank you’ is incredibly powerful. Use it. Every day. With everyone you meet. Especially when you don’t feel like it. Make it second nature and genuine. Say it with a smile.
  3. Try avoiding making your next big decisions all by your lonesome. Ask your employees for their input, and then communicate back to them that they spoke and you listened. And while we are at it, talk to the employees who have the right information. If you want to know about the customers, ask the front line. If you want to know about the back-end stuff, ask the scheduling or admin staff. Be specific about both the problem and the employees you ask.
  4. Smile. This one seems so simple why would I even put it on the list? Because far too many of us get so caught up in our ‘stuff’, we believe we don’t have time for a genuine smile to the people we are dealing with. Why is that? We all feel better when we receive a genuine smile. Yet, some of us can be so cheap in giving them out!
  5. Replace one weekly Staff Meeting with a Thank You Meeting. The only agenda item? Your successes!
  6. When a new employee starts on Day One, clap the employee out of the building at the end of his/her day.
  7. Distribute a quiz about every new hire. The person with the most correct answers wins a company T-shirt (or something equally cheap and cheerful) with the new hire’s face on it.
  8. Allow every employee to self-select their title. What harm could possibly happen if Sally was the Sunshine officer or Harry was the Delivery Ninja?
  9. Give your employees verbal feedback monthly or every other week. We all know that annual performance conversations NEVER work, right? So change things up and make those out-of-date processes work!
  10. Identify people who are low performers or have a toxic attitude. Help them improve and if they don’t within a three to six-month time frame, EXIT them from the business.
  11. Every employee needs and wants to see that what they do every day has meaning and adds value. So re-write all individual goals to align with both yours and the CEO’s goals. That way, everyone is in harmony and working towards identical outcomes.
  12. Celebrate! Every day. Throughout your entire organization, there is someone, somewhere who is doing something worth celebrating. (Hint: we humans love to have fun — even for just a few minutes. Giggles and laughter are massively contagious and make the day go quickly. And there is NO law anywhere that says any level within an organization is not allowed to have fun.)



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Charlene Norman

Charlene Norman

BulletProof Your Business Now (dot com) Fascinated with most things business. Some experience in delivering massive results. Love dogs, gardens and wine.