Life Tips & Hacks You Never Knew!

I gotta share something today. From a young fellow, Chris Hladczuk. He recently graduated from Yale and works at Goldman Sachs. (Yeah, I know. Typical money-hungry know-it-all, right? Wrong!) His hobby is sharing on Twitter — frameworks, systems, and epic business stories. Essentially life tips and hacks you never knew. (I think he is building up an email list for something much bigger down the line.)

Nevertheless, he has a cool angle. He canvasses billionaires, entrepreneurs, students, readers, even Reddit for their best advice, systems, and frameworks and then tweets out the top ten or 20 nuggets.

Recently, he posted brilliant life tips. That is what I have copied and pasted for your edutainment.

  1. Family Treasure 1) Get a blank book 2) Ask each family member over 50 to write down life advice that their descendants in 500 yrs should know 3) Keep passing it down. You now have a family treasure that gets more useful over time.

You’re welcome!

Remember, we are all smarter together when we rely on the collective wisdom of each other. Alone, we move up and fast. Together, we move forward and farther.

To your Success!

Charlene Norman is the Truth Teller at Bullet Proof Your Business Now. Business Owners, Founders, Presidents, and CEOs who want to play smarter and grow BIG rely on her to boost the energy, effectiveness and profitability of their business and themselves. You can find her at



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