Here’s to Your Solid Year

1. Don’t ask Permission

You have ideas; others don’t. You see opportunities; so many don’t.

2. Be Odd

We need odd because there is too much sameness these days — in the way we look, think, argue, produce and lead. It is all so painfully dull. Dull loses attention. Lack of attention means you never get noticed. Never being noticed means you remain sidelined.

3. Stay Home

Over the past twenty years, nearly all of us have mastered playing on the web. It is great fun to network on social media, fantastic to explore Mr. and Dr. Google, and delightful to dump our opinions on strangers halfway around the world. Let’s not even cover our amazing ability to buy dirt cheap products made someplace else and have them delivered at lightning speed to our doors.

4. Be Sincere

Snark is the one thing we have in spades. Sometimes called sarcasm, sometimes irony, occasionally just plain bullying. Snark is a reflex action mainly because we believe we are not enough or don’t measure up.

5. Stop Competing

For far too many of us, we were raised, taught, and then pushed into believing the ultimate goal is competition. There is a race to capture the customers, the market share, the power and the cash. Today, most of us can see we have reached the point where these things only help a few and hinder the many.



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