Freeze, Flight or Fight?

I originally wrote this piece in May 2020. Yet, when I look around the world these days, so much is still relevant. (I have updated it minorly.) I want to talk about your mood. Specifically, are you in a freeze, a flight or a fight mode?

I have been spending far too much time these weeks listening to all kinds of prognostications from experts, gurus and analysts about where our country is headed over the next two months to 5 years.

Frankly, I’ve yet to hear one pundit say anything positive.

Allow me to declare what I would love to hear just once and what we all need to hear right now.

Many moons ago, a fellow named Isaac Newton penned the “Law of Polarity.” You’ve likely read or heard all or parts of it.

What this means is that absolutely nothing is one-sided. On the contrary, both positive and negative, everything has an opposite.

Today, ALL OF US are engaged in one of three specific reactions: Freeze, Flee or Fight. All because there is an excessive amount of fear, lack and scarcity in the world. Yet, if we apply the Law of Polarity, there is also an excessive amount of confidence, abundance and excess.

The question we need to answer is this:

And the answer is in YOU! In Me! And in WE! You see, we mere mortals have the capacity to see with fresh eyes what opportunity lives right in front of us. Now I am certainly NOT saying this is an easy thing to do. But, I am saying: we can do it.

How? With a bit of reframing.

  1. We pause, take a breath & quiet the negative chatter in our minds.
  2. Altogether remove ourselves from our scarcity thought patterns and negative mindsets.
  3. We shift our perspective and LOOK for the opportunity.

Here are two ideas to get you started.

Look at all the people in your industry who are freezing or fleeing. That means there will be MORE leftover. So, how can you make a different impact and grab a more significant piece? Figure out how to fight for THAT!

If unemployment reaches the predicted levels of 20% to 25%, companies will be very selective about who they bring on. Naturally, the smart ones will want the cream of the crop. So start with figuring out if and how you can FIGHT to be part of the cream.

I believe human beings are amazing creatures. We can all move heaven and earth when we want to. That is a fact.

Now is the time for us all to buckle down, dig deep and begin to make our dreams come true. It won’t be straightforward. But it will be doable.

Today, my question is simple.

Are you ready to find your opportunity and make it real?

If your answer is no, let me help you with your reframing.



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Charlene Norman

BulletProof Your Business Now (dot com) Fascinated with most things business. Some experience in delivering massive results. Love dogs, gardens and wine.