Find The Time. Finally, Take Action

Finding the Time

I had an epiphany during a conversation with an old friend last week. You see, we were talking about him tackling something I had suggested (ages ago) that he do to grow his business. It was not a challenging, onerous or even time-consuming task.

This, Of Course, Is Nothing More Than Self-Deception

Unless we’re working 16 hours a day, seven days a week, then there’s something else we’re filling our time with. “I can’t find the time for…” really means “It’s not as big a priority for me as…”. And if watching TV, playing on the computer, going out with friends, relaxing with a good book is more important than fixing that big business problem, then that’s OK. If improving the business skills you’re already good at is what you’d rather do, that’s OK.

But Let’s Be Honest About It. The Same Goes For Me Too

I lost my laptop for fifteen days. During that time, I re-wrote and mapped out the next two years’ plans at a granular level I had not done in about ten years. I am now so highly focused, nothing will get in my way.

No More Lame Excuses

As I now sit on the upside of the finding time issue with about 90% of the stuff done, I have resolved never to use the excuse of finding the time again, personally. I can readily admit I was merely prioritizing other less essential things.

And What About You?

Are you still lying awake at night, fretting about why you’re stuck and can’t grow anymore? And in the morning, you still can’t seem to do what you need to do to find the time to try something different?



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