Exhaustion Setting In? Try This!

It’s Time to Nourish YOU

  1. Turning off your cell phone for 12 hours, or
  2. Going for a long walk or bike ride, or
  3. Sitting by some water, or
  4. Puttering around the house or the garden, or
  5. Turning up the music very, very loud and dance your stresses away, or
  6. Cuddling with your fur critters, your kids, or your grands and simply be, or
  7. Calling your parents, or
  8. Fixing a gourmet meal or experimenting with a new libation, or
  9. Taking a long hot bath, or
  10. Giving your spouse a massage; demanding same in return, or
  11. Spending the day reading that book you’ve been dying to dig into, or
  12. Cleaning your house, or
  13. Playing a board game or two, or
  14. Pretending you are a kid again and doing something absolutely juvenile, or
  15. Listening to a few podcasts, or
  16. Listening to some of the great old classic tunes (any genre), or
  17. Playing a musical instrument, or
  18. Organizing your photos, or
  19. Taking on your favourite craft project, or
  20. Updating your Bucket List



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