Exhaustion Setting In? Try This!

The other day I was chatting about a potential client and how to improve her bottom line. The lady plays in the luxury space, and pre-COVID did everything in person. We were tossing around ideas to help her do a better job in the online space.

The term self-care came up. Self-care is a phrase I just can’t get behind. It applies to everything and says nothing. On the other hand, I like Pamper. Pamper is a word that is very clear about what it means. So as we tossed around the concepts, I invented a new word. PampCare. (Yeah, I fully acknowledge this is a dumb word.)

I will never get PampCare registered with the Oxford dictionary. However, what I CAN do is register the concept with you, gentle reader. And what PampCare means is “Take a Break.” NOW!

These days the world seems to be spinning out of control and everyone is teetering on the edge of exhaustion. Exhaustion from news and social media, exhaustion from stressed bosses, exhaustion from trying to keep everything together, exhaustion from politics, exhaustion from working ungodly hours at home, exhaustion from chasing money and keeping the lights on. Exhaustion is everywhere.

It’s Time to Nourish YOU

None of us are machines or robots. We are mortal human beings. And we all need downtime, empty time, nourish time.

This week, I simply want to check-in and ask you to consider:

  1. Turning off your cell phone for 12 hours, or
  2. Going for a long walk or bike ride, or
  3. Sitting by some water, or
  4. Puttering around the house or the garden, or
  5. Turning up the music very, very loud and dance your stresses away, or
  6. Cuddling with your fur critters, your kids, or your grands and simply be, or
  7. Calling your parents, or
  8. Fixing a gourmet meal or experimenting with a new libation, or
  9. Taking a long hot bath, or
  10. Giving your spouse a massage; demanding same in return, or
  11. Spending the day reading that book you’ve been dying to dig into, or
  12. Cleaning your house, or
  13. Playing a board game or two, or
  14. Pretending you are a kid again and doing something absolutely juvenile, or
  15. Listening to a few podcasts, or
  16. Listening to some of the great old classic tunes (any genre), or
  17. Playing a musical instrument, or
  18. Organizing your photos, or
  19. Taking on your favourite craft project, or
  20. Updating your Bucket List

Doing any one of these things will give you a feeling of control over some part of your uncontrollable life.

You are worth a day off. We all are. Because you have been through a ton this past year. We all have!

Your body and mind will appreciate the break. Your family and friends will love the slightly decompressed you. And you might even wake up refreshed.

C’mon. You’ve done so much for everyone else. Throw some PampCare your way. It’s time to take a break! NOW.

BulletProof Your Business Now (dot com) Fascinated with most things business. Some experience in delivering massive results. Love dogs, gardens and wine.