Change Your Thinking for the Better

The first step

Is to ‘change your thinking for the better.’ Nothing happened until I got frank with myself and STOPPED making excuses, whining, and blaming everyone and everything. Everything shifted when I looked in the mirror, stared at the person before me and realized the problem was entirely in MY hands. And that I had the power to create the reality I truly wanted.

The second step

Was to develop a series of tasks to follow to get me to where I wanted to be. So, I did a bunch of things. I fell in love with intermittent fasting. Eliminated all alcohol for three months. Removed most of the white from my diet. Walked every day for at least thirty minutes. Did some yoga and a bit of weight training. Figured out the right meditation. And played mind games with the measuring tape.

The third step

Was sticking with it. For me, the entire process took nine months. I freely admit weight loss is not hard. It is just freaking BORING. And sticking to a boring routine is bloody hard.

In summary

Old keys never open new doors. We all get comfortable and complacent when those old keys fit like a fine pair of shoes. Unfortunately, when we get comfortable, we do so at our peril. The only thing we should be satisfied with is change. Change makes for uncomfortable times. And great things happen when times are uncomfortable.



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