2FA: Random Tech Stuff Part 3


One of my more negative character traits is impatience. While I cheerfully admit to having more patience than I used to, honestly, that is not saying a lot. I have little patience for time wasters and no patience for speedbumps that get in my way.

Two-factor Authentication

Is designed to prevent unauthorized users from gaining access to an account with nothing more than a stolen password. Users may be at greater risk of compromised passwords than they realize, particularly if they use the same password on more than one website. Downloading software and clicking on links in emails can also expose an individual to password theft.

The Annoying Part about 2FA

Despite the ‘slight inconvenience’ of a longer log-in process, security experts recommend enabling 2FA wherever possible: email accounts, password managers, social media applications, cloud storage services, financial services, and more. For those of us with a low level of patience, this is not a ‘slight inconvenience.’

Why should you care?

I share this story because many of us have no idea about what we have no idea about. And today, in the online digital world we play in, ignorance is just not an acceptable excuse. Be aware and be informed! Your business depends on it.



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Charlene Norman

Charlene Norman

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